Mara enjoys second pep rally in four years

Pep rallies are apparently like a fine wine to Giants co-owner John Mara. The 2008 pep rally surely was a great memory but Tuesday's celebration stood out a little more.

"It's unbelievable. It feels even better than the last time for some reason," Mara said on Tuesday. "To see the number of people around on the streets all wearing Giants colors, really makes you feel terrific and it was a great day for all of us."

Mara celebrated his second title in four years since assuming control of the team following his father Wellington Mara's death in 2005. The owner commended the crowd, which was estimated by the Giants to be about 40-45,000 people.

"We just had an incredible experience going through the Canyon of Heroes," Mara told the fans. "But I have to tell ya, and I said this four years ago, when you pull into this place, and see all you fans out there, you realize one thing: there's no place like home."

The Giants co-owner said there were more fans at the event than he expected but he said he shouldn't have been surprised since the Giants have always received that type of support from their fans. He was one of several high-profile members of the Giants to speak to the crowd at the pep rally at MetLife Stadium.

Mara called the day unbelievable, saying it was icing on the cake for the players to go down the Canyon of Heroes and then see fans back at the stadium. Mara was also joined by his mother, Ann Mara, and brother, Chris Mara, at MetLife Stadium.

When asked what word he would use to describe his newest title team, the owner used a word quite that became synonymous with the Giants' season.

"I use the coach's expression, finish," Mara said. "That's what he told them to do all year long and that's what they were able to do. Finish."