Coach's big decision: Handling Hosley

With Prince Amukamara sidelined this weekend with a hamstring issue, the Giants suddenly have a gaping hole in their secondary. Amukamara had arguably been the team's best player in the secondary this season, showing why the team drafted him in the first round last year.

Earlier this week, Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said rookie Jayron Hosley will be the man to fill that spot on the outside, but a big decision is going to have to be how the Giants use Hosley during the game.

After getting off to a hot start this year, Hosley struggled in the middle of the season. He had a rough go against Dallas' Miles Austin, and then gave up the game-clinching first down against Pittsburgh. The Giants used Hosley as the nickel corner, and as to be expected, there were some growing pains.

This week, Hosley will be on the outside and have to match up with Roddy White and Julio Jones, two of the premier wide receivers in the league. They can give fits to any corner in the league, let alone a rookie. It's a tall task for Hosley, one he is embracing along with his defensive coordinator.

The Giants are likely to keep a close eye on Hosley, and that's where their decision comes in. How long a leash do they give him? Do they isolate him in coverage, as they would do with Amukamara? Do they change the coverages to try and help him? They're all critical decisions.

With Amukamara and safety Tyler Sash both out, the Giants are thin in the secondary. They only have five active corners and three safeties, so they won't have the opportunity to rotate in and out if anyone struggles. The Giants are going to need Hosley to step up and play well or it could be a long afternoon.