DeSean to Giants is tough to imagine

The Eagles on Friday released star wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who's responsible for one of the most heartbreaking moments in New York Giants history. Prince Amukamara told me last year that he once brought up Jackson's Dec. 19, 2010, game-winning punt-return touchdown around teammates, and was told they don't talk about that in the Giants' locker room.

Still stings.

So even though there aren't more than a half-dozen players still on the Giants who played in that game, the idea of Jackson as a Giant has to seem weird, right? I got this Friday on Twitter from @troybonj:

Pretty strong stuff. And to be fair, he could be talking about the serious issues that surround Jackson off the field, some of which are detailed in this story that came out Friday on NJ.com about Jackson's connections to L.A. gang members. Or he could be talking about the total package: a former division rival responsible for Giants heartbreak who also brings with him some downright scary off-field baggage. I could see why some Giants fans would want to stay away.

I can also see why some Giants fans would welcome Jackson with open arms. He'd likely be a fit in a Ben McAdoo offense that looks to get the ball in the hands of playmakers quickly and allow them to operate after the catch. And he's a viable deep threat too for when they need that. The Giants are thin and unproven at receiver after Victor Cruz, and Jackson the player would obviously make them better, as he would any team in the league. He's still only 27 years old, which means he's the same age as pretty much everyone else the Giants have signed this offseason.

But it's pretty hard to imagine the Giants signing Jackson. He's going to cost big money, first of all, and they've already spent their big free-agent dollars. Not that they couldn't fit him into the $4 million or so they have under the cap, but they couldn't really do anything else if they did, and they have more to do. Add to that the baggage that comes with the guy, and this looks like a situation from which the Giants would stay away.

Yes, they brought in John Jerry last week, and yes, the Wells Report paints Jerry as a rotten guy based on his role in the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin Dolphins bullying scandal. But the stuff that's swirling around Jackson is far darker and scarier than anything that went down in Miami last year. It was enough to convince the Eagles to release a player who's in his prime and coming off a career season in their offense. It will be enough to scare a lot of teams away from signing him. You never know for sure, but I would expect the Giants to be one of those teams.