NFLN survey/respected player: Giants

We continue to unveil piece-by-piece results of our NFL Nation Confidential poll of players. We surveyed 10 players on each team, on the condition of anonymity, and asked a variety of questions. Today we offer the results from the question, "Which player do you respect the most?" Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was the landslide winner with 86 of the 320 votes. Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson tied for second with 24 votes apiece.

I can't tell you who won the New York Giants' team vote, because the results were supposed to be completely confidential. But I can tell you that only one Giants player got a single vote in the poll -- linebacker Jon Beason, who got one.

Part of what made this whole exercise interesting was the open-ended nature of some of the questions, including this one. "Respect" for a fellow player may be something at which different players arrive via different paths. My guess is that Manning has earned respect due to his performance (which reached all-time highs during his record-setting 2013 season), his longevity, his obviously significant role on the operation of his offense (OMAHA!) and his comeback from multiple neck surgeries and an injury that could have ended his career. It's no surprise he's the winner.