NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Giants

As you likely know by now, our team of NFL Nation reporters surveyed 10 players on each team, on the condition of anonymity, and asked a series of questions. In recent weeks, we've revealed the NFL's most respected player, the player most of his peers would pick to start a team and which player is the most feared. We have much more to come, and it's all very interesting, but the question whose answer we reveal today is:

Who’s the player (active, non-teammate) you’d most like to see in the Super Bowl?

The winner, with 59 of the 320 votes, is Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. He won by three votes over retiring Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was fourth with 15 votes, but you can scratch him off the list in 10 days, when he participates in Super Bowl XLVIII.

The only Giants player who got even a single vote was defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, with one.

Players were asked to vote for a player who hasn't played in the Super Bowl, and most of the players on the Giants have. Justin Tuck, Eli Manning and Victor Cruz would likely feel that their championship rings are more valuable than getting recognized on this particular question.