McKenzie on PSU: There's no winners

Giants right tackle Kareem McKenzie played at Penn State from 1998-2001. He said he knew Jerry Sandusky "as well as anybody would know a coach."

He quickly added an addendum to that statement.

"I mean, how well do you know anybody, truthfully?" he said.

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Many who've played for Sandusky are likely asking themselves the same thing.

The former Penn State assistant coach was charged over the weekend with molesting eight young boys between 1994 and 2009. The alleged sexual assaults have sparked outrage and unanswered questions from all across the country.

They've also changed victims' lives immeasurably and have altered the perception of one of college football's most storied programs.

On Wednesday morning, longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno announced that he will retire at the end of the season, his career brought down because he failed to do all he could about the allegations against Sandusky.

McKenzie called the whole situation "sad" and "sorrowful" on Wednesday.

"We’re talking about young children who were allegedly taken advantage of," he said. "Anytime you involve kids who are innocent or anything of that nature, it’s a sad situation for all. It’s very sorrowful because you would like to go ahead and think that in today’s world, in today’s society, that we would go ahead and like to protect our kids and give them the best chances and opportunities to be successful."

McKenzie did not want to pass judgement on Paterno, who hasn't been accused of legal wrongdoing. The coach has been assailed, however, in what the state police commissioner called a lapse of "moral responsibility," for not doing more to stop Sandusky.

"I don’t think it really does because from what I know of the situation it doesn't really involve Joe," McKenzie said when asked if the scandal tarnishes Paterno's legacy. "Again, I don’t have all the information and you’ll have to wait and see what happens. But I would like to think that all that he's done for the university and the football program ... It’s just sad that things turned out this way."

McKenzie added that he didn't have a problem with Paterno coaching on Saturday against Nebraska. He said he will reach out to his old coach "at the appropriate time."

"It’s sad situation for all involved," McKenzie said. "There’s no winners in this."

MARVIN AUSTIN CHIMES IN: Injured Giants defensive lineman Marvin Austin chimed in on the Penn State situation, via his verified Twitter feed. He wrote, "Penn state should fire the whole school [what] was they doin' up there and they said I had character issues lmaooo."

Austin was suspended at UNC due to improper contact with an agent.