McConkey rips Brees and NFLPA

It's safe to say Phil McConkey isn't a fans of Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

McConkey, a former Giants receiver, appeared on WFAN radio and voiced his displeasure with the NFL Players Association and Brees, who serves on the NFLPA's executive committee.

"I know he's canonized, and people think he's great," McConkey said of Brees. "(But) if he got in front of a group of ex-players, I don't know what would happen."

The degree of commitment the union should have to helping retired players has been a divisive topic.

"There's some guys out there that have made bad business decisions," Brees said in 2009. "They took their pensions early because they never went out and got a job. They've had a couple divorces, and they're making payments to this place and that place. And that's why they don't have money. And they're coming to us to basically say 'Please make up for my bad judgment.'"

"It's disgusting," McConkey said Tuesday, referring to Brees' comments, "but that's some of the mentality that's around."

Brees did show an appreciation for retired players during that 2009 interview, saying, "They shaped the game for us. Because of those guys, we have an opportunity to play this game, to make the money that we make, to get the benefits we get. We will always, always, always reach back to give to those guys. But there's a way to do it."

McConkey, who played for the Giants from 1984-88 and helped them win Super Bowl XXI, said the NFLPA doesn't take care of former players.

"I see so many of my colleagues suffering terribly," McConkey said. "I really don't blame the owners and the management. I don't. It's the Players Association. They're the ones that should have taken care of the guys that went before them. And they didn't, and they still don't."

McConkey regretted the 1987 NFL strike but said today's players like Brees are benefiting from it.

"All (the strike) benefited were some of the guys of today," McConkey said. "There are some guys today that have absolutely no clue and that run their mouths. And Drew Brees is one of them."