Week 16 playoff scenarios

The simplest scenario for the Giants to make the playoffs is to win their final two games, as they're guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what happens in the rest of the league.

This week, however, the Giants can clinch a playoff spot or be eliminated from the playoffs. Here's the scenarios, according to ESPN Stats & Information and NFL.com.


Giants win AND

Minnesota, Chicago and Dallas all lose and Washington loses or ties

ANALYSIS: Probably not happening. Chicago gets Arizona and Washington faces Philadelphia, so the Giants need two teams that have won a combined two games since the fourth week of the season.

Giants win AND

Dallas ties and Minnesota, Chicago and Washington all lose

ANALYSIS: No real difference here than the other scenario as this just means that the Saints tie the Cowboys. That game could go either way. It's needing Arizona and Philadelphia taking care of business that will make this scenario unlikely.


Giants lose AND

Washington, Dallas and Seattle all win

ANALYSIS: There's a very realistic shot this could happen. Dallas and Washington are both favorites, and Seattle is 6-0 at home. Yes, they play the 49ers, but Seattle is fighting for a spot too and has plenty to play for (the No. 5 seed or possible division crown). The Giants could be in major trouble if they lose Sunday.