Steppin' to the AM: Eli shows swag and Giants find a kicker

This Eli Manning story about the Giants quarterback saying he's in the same class as Tom Brady has really gotten quite a reaction out of you guys. Folks are riled up!

Bottom line: Eli has to express confidence in his ability. To me, that is a very positive thing coming out of Manning, who typically says nothing headline-worthy.

Now back to camp, where the Giants struggled on special teams in the return and coverage phases in the preseason opener.

They might've helped themselves on kickoff coverage by signing kicker Rhys Lloyd late Tuesday night. Lloyd is a kickoff specialist and a good one. We'll probably get to talk to him today, so we should have something up on him later in the blog or on the site.

Even though Lloyd was brought in to kick while Lawrence Tynes recovers from a bruised thigh, Lloyd could find a roster spot if he can continue to kick deep enough to draw touchbacks. That way the Giants don't have to worry about an opposing returner. Keeping two kickers is always tough, though.

Tynes' spot as the placekicker is safe.

Also, in case you missed it yesterday, the Giants might not have made the sexy splashy move fans want but adding Deon Grant will help and is a very good move for the Giants.