Giants' desire for continuity runs deep

New York Giants fans who have been hoping to hear that defensive coordinator Perry Fewell or special teams coordinator Tom Quinn would be fired may have to prepare themselves for disappointment.

I'm not saying things can't change, or that organizational pressure couldn't prompt Tom Coughlin to replace one or both of his coordinators. I'm just here to tell you that, as of now, from what I'm being told, he's leaning strongly toward keeping both of them. And if you've been following what's going on with the Giants, you shouldn't be surprised.

Following up a 7-9 season with a 6-10 season and missing the playoffs for the fifth time in six years would, in most organizations, be grounds for a coaching overhaul -- starting with the head coach. But the Giants aren't going that way. Ownership is judging Coughlin on factors other than his recent win-loss record and giving at least another year to turn things around.

That absence of significant consequence for the continued losing isn't the product of inertia as much as it's the way the Giants are doing business. And if it's good enough for the owner, and the owner says it's up to Coughlin to pick his coaches, then why wouldn't status quo be the way Coughlin would decide to go?

People close to the situation say Coughlin believes the Giants' problems this year had to do with (a) personnel shortages on both sides of the ball that have been a problem for several years now due to ineffective drafts and (b) an incredible number of injuries. For those reasons, he's disinclined to hold Fewell accountable for the performance of the defense. The man was without three of his top four cornerbacks for the bulk of the season, after all.

Even the coaching staff move they have made reeks of a desire for continuity. When quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf decided to leave after just one year, the Giants replaced him with Mike Sullivan, who was an offensive assistant on Coughlin's coaching staff from 2004 to 2011 with the Giants and was Eli Manning's quarterbacks coach in 2010-11.

Again, just something to think about as you wonder what's going to happen here. Changes could still take place, later today or next week, as Coughlin and his staff continue to evaluate things. But the way the wind is blowing right now, I'm thinking Fewell is back as defensive coordinator as the whole crew takes the plunge together for what might only be one more year.