Girls basketball poll: Nov. 28

Crazy might be the most appropriate word to describe the first week of girls basketball in New York City. Murry Bergtraum lost two games in a row. JFK and Francis Lewis also lost. Three teams fell out of the rankings. We can only hope each week from here on brings as much excitement as the first one.

1. Nazareth (0-0)/(LW: 1): Nazareth is still waiting to showcase its talents to the world after being ranked No. 1 in the nation to start the season.

2. Christ the King (0-0)/(LW: 2): CK looks more like the biggest threat to Nazareth in New York City with Bergtraum's losses.

3. South Shore (0-0)/(LW: 4): South Shore may be the new team to beat in the PSAL with Bergtraum uncharacteristically losing twice.

4. Mary Louis Academy (1-1)/(LW: 5): Mary Louis went 1-1 at the Big Apple vs. Big Peach Battle, falling in its final game.

5. Molloy (1-0)/(LW: 6): Molloy moves up one spot in the ranking after defeating Sacred Heart in its opener this weekend.

6. Moore Catholic (0-0)/(LW: 8): Without even playing a game, Moore Catholic moves all the way up to No. 6 in the rankings.

7. Bishop Loughlin (1-0)/(LW: unranked): Perhaps we underrated Loughlin. Loughlin defeated Murry Bergtraum on a last-second play this weekend.

8. Bishop Ford (1-1)/(LW: unranked): Bishop Ford enters the rankings after a win against JFK. It fell to St. Anthony's on Sunday.

9. Benjamin Banneker (1-0)/(LW: unranked): Did Banneker send a message to the rest of the league with its win against Murry Bergtraum?

10. Murry Bergtraum (0-2)/(LW: 3): This is weird to see, Murry Bergtraum ranked 10th. But after losing two games, they fall out of the top three.