Girls basketball poll: Jan. 16

Nazareth finally got back to action and over half the teams on this list took part in the Rose Classic at Bishop Ford this weekend, but the list remains mostly intact. MSIT was hard to drop off, but without playing elite opponents it's hard to justify putting them ahead of anyone included in the poll. Taking its place is Spellman who looks to have serious upset potential.

1. Nazareth (4-0)/(LW: 1): Nazareth finally returned to the court with an emotional victory over Molloy, before going to head coach Apache Paschall's wake on Friday funeral on Saturday. Now they have almost two weeks until they get back on the court against St. Francis Prep on Jan. 27.

2. South Shore (15-1)/(LW: 2): South Shore continues its march to Madison Square Garden as it picked up an impressive win against St. Anthony's at the Rose Classic on Sunday, coming from behind and getting some heroics from Fannisha Price.

3. Bishop Ford (11-1)/(LW: 3): Sophomore Aaliyah Jones is typically overlooked in her class thanks to Nazareth's Bianca Cuevas and Christ the King's Sierra Calhoun, but she might be as good as them and she is out to prove it as Ford picked up a pair of victories in the Rose Classic last week.

4. Molloy (9-3)/(LW: 4): It's hard to imagine that anybody would have beaten Nazareth on Wednesday so that loss won't be held against them. Molloy will have to beat Christ the King this week though to stay this high up in the poll.

5. Christ the King (4-7)/(LW: 5): Christ the King has had a very tough non-league schedule so far this season and that continued Sunday night as it lost to Manasquan (N.J.). The Lady Royals have a big week against league rivals Molloy and Mary Louis Academy this week which will give them good context to how they stack up against league opponents.

6. Moore (8-3)/(LW: 6): Jamie O'Hare may be one of the best shooters in the city. She showed off her skills in a victory over Mary Louis and was even impressive in a loss to HD Woodson (D.C.) when Moore ran into the buzzsaw that is Jephany Brown.

7. Bishop Loughlin (5-5)/(LW: 7): Loughlin had a tough loss to Teaneck (N.J.) on Sunday, but remain in this spot as Imani Tate showed everyone that she is one of the most dominant forces in New York City.

8. Bergtraum (9-4)/(LW: 9): Shequanna Harris is one of the stars in NYC and showed it again with a big victory over Truman last week. As she heats up, Bergtraum keeps winning.

9. Cardinal Spellman (10-2)/(LW: NR): This team is really starting to come together. Onia Webb and talented sophomore Maria Backman led the team to a pair of dominant wins at the Rose Classic last weekend.

10. Mary Louis Academy (6-8)/(LW: 10): In danger of dropping off the poll this week, TMLA hangs on though thanks to an impressive victory over Bishop Loughlin and anybody who can beat Imani Tate and Co. deserves a spot on here somewhere.

On the bubble: MSIT (14-1), Truman (13-4), JFK (12-5).