Committee recommends CK, Ford forfeit

The CHSAA Eligibility and Infractions Committee has recommended that Bishop Ford and Christ the King should forfeit their schedule games against Nazareth that were canceled following coach Apache Paschall's death, according to Christ the King Principal Peter Mannarino.

The final decision, however, is up to the principal's committee, which will meet on Wednesday. The New York Post first reported the news.

Mannarino, who watched Christ the King beat Cardinal Hayes on Saturday, said he found out on Friday about the infractions committee's recommendation. He said that he did not believe it was a fair recommendation. CK canceled its Jan. 7 against Nazareth.

"We didn't play the game out of respect for their coach's death," Mannarino said. "As far as we know, our game was scheduled for the day of his funeral. We though it was inappropriate and disrespectful to play on that day."

Paschall died on Jan. 3 and his team decided that it wanted to honor its coach by playing its upcoming scheduled game. Bishop Ford's administration backed out of a game on Jan. 5 and Christ the King followed suit for its Jan. 7 game. Nazareth finally got to play both teams this week and beat both in convincing fashion

Nazareth was not happy at the time that the teams backed out on them.

"I think it's disrespectful," Nazareth co-coach Ron Kelley said at the time. "He was our coach, our friend and our confidant, and my mentor and a father figure to our girls here. If we choose to have the game and play the game, then I would think everybody would try to respect our wishes in doing so.

"If God forbid this happened to somebody else, I would say, anything you want us to do, we'll do. That would be my answer. These young ladies have been through a tragedy. I think that what they want to do is what we should be doing."

Lady Kingsmen players Darius Faulk and Bianca Cuevas both did not seem that concerned with whether those teams will have to forfeit the games. Cuevas didn't see why the teams would have to forfeit and Faulk said she wouldn't mind playing those teams again.

"It would be better because we could do it all over again," said Faulk, who did add that she's pleased the teams are being punished because Nazareth wanted to play those games.

Nazareth co-coach Lauren Best said that she believes that everybody should have played her team the first time they were scheduled. While she didn't outright say she agreed with the punishment, she hinted that she believes the punishment would be just.

"I think the punishment should fit the crime," Best said. "If it was us, you might not see us for the rest of the season, that's what the rule says."

CK coach Bob Mackey had no comment about the committee's recommendation.

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