Moore Catholic suspends football program

With a lack of support, Moore Catholic has suspended its football team, according to school athletic director Rich Postiglione. The Staten Island Advance first reported the news.

"We tried every which way and while our enrollment is up and there are certain things really thriving, unfortunately, the number of boys interested in playing football is really not sufficient," Postiglione said. "It's not a matter of desiring to do away with anything. It's a matter of our student base, which is about 66 percent women and 33 percent men, and we don't have enough support and the interest of what it takes to have a safe, viable program."

Moore Catholic completed its 12th season this past year and finished 9-0. It's in its third year as an independent school after it left the Catholic High School Football League. The Staten Island school played teams from New Jersey and lower level teams from New York City this past season and was coached by Greg Rocco.

Postiglione added that any football player that wanted to transfer to another school to continue his playing career would not have to sit out the season, like the usual rules stipulate. The Staten Island Advance reported that the team was in the low 30s in terms of players last season and only had 18 players scheduled to return.

Postiglione hopes at some point the school can revive the program. He told the Staten Island Advance that he believes the school will add boys soccer in place of football this upcoming fall.

"We had a wonderful year this year but unfortunately a good percentage of the kids graduate and there's not enough behind them," Postiglione said. "Is this forever? We hope not, but certainly in preparing for next year and schedule and going along, it is what it is. That was the decision of the principal."