Evidently, it takes a lot to distract DeBoer

If the New Jersey Devils have even half the discipline of coach Pete DeBoer, they should be just fine in Game 5 against the L.A. Kings on Saturday.

In an off-beat post-practice news conference, DeBoer was asked about his team's level of "focus." Instead, he was happy to point out his own remarkable resolve in Game 4 given the, um, distractions he faced.

Positioned directly behind the Devils' bench on Wednesday was well-endowed adult film star Taylor Stevens, but DeBoer didn't seem to give her much thought or attention with his team trying to prevent the sweep.

"You saw my 100 percent focus on the game," DeBoer joked. "Now that's focus."

DeBoer's face turned bright red as he chuckled about the situation. As he walked off the podium, someone asked about his wife's reaction.

He was ready for that one, gladly acknowledging that he had won himself some brownie points at home.

"She saw the focus."