Rangers yank 'Girl's Guide' from team site

The Rangers' slow start isn't the only thing causing an uproar among fans.

The team’s website posted an article Friday headlined "A Girl's Guide to Watching the Rangers," which was quickly met with outrage on Twitter. The article, which carried an editor’s note saying it came from a contributor outside the organization, was removed shortly after it appeared.

The contributor wrote that she set out to help women who don't know much about hockey to become more educated about a sport the men in their lives might be interested in. Some snippets from the article included:

• "News of the NHL lockout's end caused as much excitement in the male world as a 70 percent off sale does in a woman's. If you're completely oblivious to what the end of the lockout means, think of it as the premiere of the newest season of ‘Girls’ being delayed by months, and then suddenly, it's announced that it will be coming back but with a lot fewer episodes to make up for lost time."

• "Don't be afraid to ask questions, but ask questions they'll enjoy answering. Things like who their favorite player is, or who their biggest rival is. If you have a couple hours of free time, go ahead and ask about the famous Potvin chant. You'll certainly be in for a great story.

"If you feel too forced and uninterested, at least know the Rangers' schedule so you can schedule a girl's night for those times. Oh, and one last thing: don't give the guys any grief for their playoff beards. Google it. You'll thank me later."

One screenshot of the article that circulated on the Internet after it was deleted showed more than 50 comments from fans, with the majority expressing their displeasure with the article, and with the Rangers for posting it.

A team spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

UPDATE: The Rangers issued an apology for the post Friday night.

"The article was posted from a fan contributor to our website," Rangers public relations director Brendan McIntyre wrote in an email. "We determined that the article was inappropriate and immediately pulled it down. We apologize to anyone who was offended."