How many more wins for Brodeur?

Marty Brodeur blanked the Thrashers, 3-0. For the future Hall of Famer it's his 600th win and 110th shutout. Here's a question: How many wins will Marty finish with? He has two years left on his contract. So when you consider he's a lock for 35 wins a year when healthy, that would make 670 a good bet. He'll be 40 at the end of the deal so how many after that? Will he pursue 700 wins? It all depends on if the Devils want him back at the end of his deal. If so, it will be 700 and beyond.

But if the Devils don't want to give a deal to a 40-year-old in 2013, then he may retire. Remember, Brodeur takes great pride in the fact that he has only played with one team. Most of the greats -- Patrick Roy, Eddie Belfour, Tom Barrasso, Dominik Hasek, Terry Sawchuk and Curtis Joseph -- all played for more then one team. I say if the Devils say no, Brodeur will retire. I have a feeling though that the Devils will look to have Marty beyond 2013. My guess for wins: 735. The bigger question is, how may more Cups?