Devs try to drop pounds, pick up points

Well, it’s official. Christmas is just a lousy time of year for guys named John MacLean -- no matter the spelling. After terminating the die-hard head coach, he of the 9-22-2 debut, GM Lou Lamoriello said the rookie bench boss did not deserve all the blame.

That didn’t stop him from dropping the axe two days before Christmas. On a game day.

The change has helped little thus far, but after falling -- hard -- to the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs, the Devils and new head coach Jacques Lemaire now have a little bit more time to get their legs underneath them before taking on the New York Rangers Wednesday. And it looks like the Devs' New Year's resolution will be to drop a few pounds.

Here’s a look around the snow-covered media world of the Devils.

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