Is Martin Brodeur done?

It's a question on the mind of every Devils fan: Is one of the greatest goalies of all-time finished?

Let's break down why Martin Brodeur is 5-18-1 with a 3.15 GAA and an .882 save percentage.

Since the '95-96 season Brodeur has averaged 70 games a season. A workload that is matched by no other modern day netminder. Then add all the playoff games and international play it's easy to assume that it's wearing him down.

Marty will be 39 in May, and history tells us that at this age most goalies begin to scale back the number of games or become just a backup. The Devils were trying to defy time by having him continue the workload.

The usually unbreakable Brodeur, who rarely misses time do to injury, has suffered two elbow injuries in the last three years. I'm not convinced that the elbow doesn't still bother him.

Let's also not forget that the Devils team in front of him is the worst team in the league and by far the worst team Marty has ever played for. The problem with this theory is Marty is facing less shots per game this season (23) then in his career (25).

It all amounts to this: It's hard to say after just 27 games that Martin Brodeur is done. But he's no longer an elite goalie, that's for sure. The Devils search for a successor is long overdue. That should have been done years ago.

Done as a goalie? No, not yet. Done as a star? Sadly, that seems to be the case.