Donnie Pucks: Devils' 2011 resolutions

Make some deals.

Jamie Langenbrunner, Patrick Elias and Jason Arnott are players that can be productive on winning teams. No sense keeping them when it appears that this year and next could be rebuilding years for the New Jersey Devils. It is true that these players have no trade clauses in their contracts but it doesn't hurt to ask. It's tough to let great players of the past go. But if you hold on to them, and don't acquire any prospects, then you will never turn things around.

Work with the defense on offense.

Larry Robinson has to work harder to get the D-men to be stronger on offense. It may be easier said then done but, something has to give. The Devils defense has produced just 8 goals this season and 21 assists. That's just 29 points! Come on Larry. Show them how to do it.

Get to work on Parise.

Devils fans can live with a bad year. It's the first really terrible year since '88-89. There is one thing that fans can't stand to think about -- losing Zach Parise. He might be one of the best forwards in team history. To lose him would set this franchise back to the dark ages. Lou Lamoriello needs to make sure a plan is place to get him signed. If not, the Ilya Kovalchuk deal will be even worse.

Figure it out with Marty.

Martin Brodeur was the best goalie in the league. Now he's a shell of himself. If this is what he is, then he can't play every night. Just because he was great doesn't mean he should play every night.

Get Ilya Kovalchuk scoring.

Hey Kovalchuk, there's the net. Score!