Matt Cooke: A love story

I promise we'll stop after this, but the holier-than-thou comments from Mario Lemieux may have put a bit of a burr in the saddle of Islanders fans ... and, well, fans of anyone who plays the Penguins.

So in honor of Monday's holiday, we dug up an, um, anti-Valentine from Don Cherry to Matt Cooke. Summary: Not a fan.

As you may know, Cherry champions physicality (aka "truculence") rather frequently, but believes it also should adhere to some kind of code of conduct. In this clip, as a montage of rather dirty hits from Cooke rolls in the background, Cherry gives his rather pointed opinion of the pest, and also recounts an anecdote of a post-game meeting between the two. Take a look.

In case you want to take a closer look at some of that dubious highlight reel, here's some more research for you:

Cooke shatters Fedor Tyutin from behind.

Cooke scrambles Artem Anisimov's head.

Cooke knocks Marc Savard unconscious.

Cooke crosschecks Andrei Markov into the boards.

Cooke tries to ninja kick Chris Osgood in the face.

Cooke goes knee to knee on Erik Cole.

Cooke reenacts the above incident for (former teammate) Alex Ovechkin.

Now, Mario, about the state of the league? Yeah ...

With those images fresh in your mind, it's probably no wonder why Evander Kane made a lot of folks smile last April.

Can't you just feel the love?