Sabathia a Devils' fan?

Maybe CC Sabathia is actually a New Jersey Devils' fan. Or maybe the ace of the New York Yankees just likes rocking their logo on his hat.

Either way, Sabathia was photographed at the New York Knicks-Orlando Magic game wearing a Devils' hat.

Sabathia does reside in Alpine, N.J. Several other famous people live in the town, at least as of 2009, including hip-hop stars P Diddy, Lil' Kim and Mary J Blige. Comedian Chris Rock also has a residence there. As far as athletes are concerned, Gary Sheffield and Patrick Ewing reportedly call Alpine home -- or rather part-time home -- as well.

Devils sniper Ilya Kovalchuk is currently in the process of having a multi-million dollar mansion built there for his family. Kovalchuk's wife and children reside in Florida for the time being.