Prust scores yet another shorthanded goal

Another opposing team power play. Another shorthanded goal by Brandon Prust.

For the fifth time this season, Prust scored a shorthanded goal as he helped lead the Rangers to a 6-3 win against the Islanders. Prust is now tied for the league lead with five shorthanded goals, which would have him tied with or ahead of 14 teams entering Tuesday night’s action. The Rangers have 11 on the season.

“I think the most important goal was Prust’s goal,” forward Erik Christensen said. “Right off the bat we give them a power play somewhat early in the game and we go down and score and he’s had a lot of shorthanded points this year and it got us out of a jam.”

In scouting the Islanders, Christensen said coach John Tortorella had noticed that the Islanders used four forwards on their power play, so he told his team that if the opportunity presents itself, to challenge the opposing team’s forwards and make them play defense on the power play.

Early in the first period, the Rangers pushed the puck toward the Islanders' end while shorthanded. Ryan McDonagh took a shot that Islanders goalie Al Montoya could not corral and the puck fell into the lap of Prust, who scored the first goal of the game just three minutes, 47 seconds into the action.

“He is made of steel,” Christensen said about Prust. “He is one of the toughest guys who I have played with especially being his size. He is not a big guy out there. He blocks shots, finishes his checks and he fights. He has more skill than people think he does. He is a big part of the team.”