Words take over as Game 4 wait continues

Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau bad-mouthed the Garden. He also insinuated the Rangers and Marc Staal were head hunting against Mike Green. Meanwhile John Tortorella recounted an instance of mistaken identity with Dan Girardi, who may have an odd case of elephantiasis according to his coach (sorta ... ).

And that’s what you missed on yesterday’s episode of “The Garden Light.”

Yes, Monday’s storylines certainly took on some soap opera-like themes. I suppose that’s not all that uncommon with some extra time off. (See also: the week before the Super Bowl.) But aside from some fun reading and fan-sign fodder for Wednesday night, it doesn’t look like much will linger from yesterday’s words. Except perhaps for the metaphorical size of Dan Girardi’s man parts.

None of the Rangers bit on Boudreau's barb, so the shots were decidedly one-sided. As for Boudreau's request that the league look into the Staal hit on Green, it's already been denied. If you want to check out the Staal hit for yourself, you can check out the highlight from the Caps' second goal on NHL.com (which I can't seem to link to directly, but go to the highlights for April 17 and you'll see it).

You can see it's a bit of an odd hit. Staal does appear to make contact with Green's head and does extend his arms. Was it intentional? Apparently the NHL doesn't think so, and I'd say it's tough to build a case as well. Staal definitely had Green lined up for a body check and when the shifty Caps D moved to avoid the blow, Staal had to reach out to knock him down.

More substantively, it looks like Sean Avery will continue to get ice time in this series as Mats Zuccarello was sent down to Hartford yesterday.

Aside from that, the wait for Wednesday continues. And it can't seem to get here fast enough.