The difference between Jody Shelley and Marian Gaborik is night and day. Going into tonight's game Shelley had 15 career goals while Gaborik had 260. For the season: Gaborik, 41; Shelley, 0.

They were both stars in the Rangers 4-3 win over the Flyers, proving you never know in any given game who you might need to win.

The Rangers just need a win on Sunday, regulation or not, and they are in the playoffs. No help, no scoreboard watching -- just win.

The matchup should not scare either team Sunday. The Rangers are 20-16-4 on the road while the Flyers are 23-14-6 at home. The Rangers go in the hotter team, winning seven of their last nine games, and they've picked up 15 of 18 points. The Flyers have won just four times in their last 14.

The crowd was nuts at the Garden. Even down early, the fans stayed load all night. Rangers fans are very critical of their team but know better than anyone when they have to lend their support.

The one thing the Rangers can hang their hat on is that they have the better goalie. Henrik Lundqvist will allow goals but never one that pulls the plug on a team. Brian Boucher did just that on the Rangers game-winning goal by Gaborik.

If I'm a Flyer fan, I hope there's a good movie on late Saturday -- because Boucher is going to keep me up all night!