Dubinsky's deal a win-win for both parties

By agreeing to a new deal before the arbitration hearing today, the New York Rangers and restricted free agent forward Brandon Dubinsky showed a commitment to one another and a willingness to sacrifice for the ultimate better of the organization.

Arbitration is a process that involves the team offering what it feels a player should be paid for his upcoming contract while the player offers what he should be paid for the next contract. Obviously, there are discrepancies between the two numbers or there would be no need for arbitration and often the discrepancy isn't a matter of nickels and dimes.

By avoiding arbitration altogether and agreeing to a new deal, a four-year deal with a cap hit of $4.2 million each season according to ESPN.com's Scott Burnside, the two sides found a way to appease all involved. Without knowing what the submitted numbers for arbitration were going to be, the Rangers probably are giving Dubinsky more than their original offer while Dubinsky is likely settling for a deal below what he was going to submit.

Thus, both sides were willing to show a commitment to one another to get a deal done and avoid arbitration, which can be a messy situation as the players and organization end up arguing over how much a player is worth and the team has to try to prove why player x is not worth what he is seeking.That probably would not have been a smart plan with Dubinsky likely to take a greater leadership role next season, with former captain Chris Drury having been bought out earlier in the offseason.

From the looks of it, the Rangers deal for Dubinsky seems to be very fair to both sides. The forward is going to be the third or fourth scoring option on the team next year and is going to be paid accordingly. The deal also shows that the Rangers are committed to keeping Dubinsky within the organization and want him to help lead the youthful team into the future.

The last time Dubinsky had been a free agent in 2009, he staged an eight-day holdout. This time, it came down to the last minute, but it was smooth sailing and a fair deal was struck. You can call this a win-win for all sides involved in the deal.