Torts: "I don't think we're there"

With four days remaining until the NHL's trade deadline and speculation mounting about a potential blockbuster deal that would bring star player Rick Nash to New York, Rangers coach John Tortorella tempered expectations about a Stanley Cup run.

Does he think his team is equipped to make that push?

"Honestly, if you're asking me, I still think we have a little growing to do," Tortorella said during an appearance Thursday on ESPN New York 1050's "The Michael Kay Show." "I know people don't like hearing that because everyone wants to win right now, but when we get there and we feel like this is it, this is the piece, then the process is done and you try to compete for it. I don't think we're there."

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Play DownloadGranted, Tortorella didn't think his Tampa Bay Lightning squad was ready in 2004, either, yet they went on to hoist the Cup after beating the Calgary Flames in a seven-game series.

Although pressed about whether a certain piece -- i.e. Nash -- could put the Rangers in contention, Tortorella pointed out other areas the team needs to address. Namely defense.

"Everyone talks about offense, offense offense, -- and Nash is a h---

of a player becuase I know that's what you guys are talking about --

but I still think our back end is something that...we have to keep growing there."

Tortorella said he doesn't want to see any move jeopardize the team's future or disrupt the strong chemistry that has been forged just for the sake of trying to win now.

"We're not looking to break up that type of chemistry we have in that room unless something really improves our team and we don't morgtage our future."