Donnie Pucks: You should know better!

Monday afternoon the Islanders beat the Rangers 6-4. That should be the story. With John Tavares, Kyle Okposo, and Mark Streit injured, the Islanders have produced 3 points in the standings in just two games and have scored 10 goals. The story, however, is James Wisniewski.

In the first period Wisniewski got into a verbal spat with, who else, Sean Avery. What happened next shocked some, entertained others but can't happen in front of 11,748 fans, many of them kids. He made an obscene gesture that can't be described on this site.

Wisniewski claims to not remember. Yeah right! James, if you want to refresh your memory just go to YouTube.

Avery certainly recalled the incident. He said, "It's pretty obvious what the guy was doing, but I'm sure nothing will happen to him because nothing ever happens. It's interesting, he'd get a warning for something like that." Sean must not remember that in the preseason Nick Boynton of the Blackhawks fought Blair Jones of the Lightning, lost the fight and committed a throat slash gesture. He was suspended for one game.

Apologies to Avery but there is no way Wisniewski will get away with this. Look for a one game suspension.

It's a shame. A great day for the Islanders lost in a gesture.