Draft Lottery Tuesday

After missing the playoffs for the fifth straight season, the Islanders will clean out their stalls today, meet with coaches for their final exit interviews and reflect on a disappointing 2011-12 campaign.

But as the top teams in the league prepare for post-season action, there remains one glimmer of hope for the Islanders this week:

The 2012 Scotiabank NHL Draft Lottery:

On Tuesday, the five teams that finished last in the league will find out their position for the 2012 draft this June. By virtue of their 27th place finish, the Islanders have a 10.7% chance of nabbing the first overall pick. Here are the other breakdowns:

Columbus Blue Jackets - 25.0%

Edmonton Oilers - 18.8%

Montreal Canadiens - 14.2%

New York Islanders - 10.7%

Toronto Maple Leafs - 8.1%

The lottery show will be televised on NBC Sports Network at 8 p.m.