Dubinsky: 'We're not gonna back down'

The Rangers will fly out to Ottawa for Game 3 at 4 p.m. ET Sunday.

Granted, they won’t be leaving their blue-collar brand of hockey in New York.

“We’re not gonna back down. We haven’t backed down from anyone all year, so we’ll continue to play physical, and we anticipate they’ll do the same,” Brandon Dubinsky said after Sunday’s practice.

Game 1 was physical. Game 2, even more so. And you can tell these teams already don’t like each other.

“You can feel it. You play the same team that many times and you’re gonna go back and forth, and that’s what the playoffs are all about,” Ryan Callahan said.

The Rangers are used to mucking and grinding, though, so they don’t seem too concerned. This is the style of hockey they’ve played all year. It’s just a matter of staying composed and staying disciplined.

“There’s a very thin line. All year long we’ve played a really hard game. We’ve been pretty disciplined,” Brian Boyle said. “So we know how to do that, and if we continue to do that, we’ll find success.”

“The emotion’s gonna continue to rise the farther you go into the series, [because] there’s more at stake.”