Torts: I'm not going to give you much

John Tortorella's press conferences usually don't last very long.

There's a few questions, short answers, and very little to report. Especially come playoff time. While most coaches are tight-lipped in the playoffs about strategy, Tortorella seems to take it to another level, as evident by his six-word presser during the quarterfinals.

Tuesday, the Rangers coach was pressed about why he reveals so little and comes across this way with the media, and if there is a strategy reason for doing so. He said it's not because he doesn't like dealing with the media.

"I'm not going to give you much information," Tortorella said after the team's optional practice at MSG. "Some of you guys sit there and tell me that I'm curt or whatever. I'm not going to have a staring contest. If you don't ask me questions, I'll just leave. That's just the way it is. I'm sorry I'm not a guy who wants to converse about everything during the playoffs. I'm not."

Here's some snippets from Tuesday's press conference that led to Tortorella being asked about his lack of answers or forthcoming details to the media's question.


Reporter: Was it more than just the mistakes that made you burn on? Was there a deeper reason than…

Torts: Nope.

Reporter: That was it? The rest of the game your happy with?

Torts: No. There's some things that we need to continue to work on.


Reporter: Is there any update on (Brandon) Dubinsky?

Torts: Nope. I'm not going to give you updates on lineups or injuries. Might as well move right by that.


Reporter: Was it a matchup thing with flipping (Marian) Gaborik and (Chris) Kreider?

Torts: No. No.

Reporter: You were looking for a different look?

Torts: There was a number of different things I was trying to do.

Reporter: You won't say what they were?

Torts: No.


Reporter: Can you share...

Torts: Probably not.

Reporter: (Artem Anisimov), why he didn't get on the third? Was it just you wanted to roll with those three lines or their things you didn't like from him in the second?

Torts; No, Arty actually had a couple good shifts. There were some other things going on.

After another question...

Reporter: So if a guy plays well, you don't look to get him in? Or you just couldn't..

Torts: You're not going to get the answer.


Reporter: John, do you think your Jack Adams nomination is reflective of the organization...

Torts: I'm not speaking on it, you guys had a chance to ask me about that and you didn't. Let's talk about the team.