Tortorella's transcript

Rangers coach John Tortorella had a telephone conference call with reporters on Thursday and as in his other pressers, he was rather short with details. As well as words, sentences, nouns and adjectives. Here's the transcript.


Reporter: When you review the video of last night's game, in your mind, is it more what the Capitals took away from you guys or more what you guys weren't getting accomplished in the game?

Torts: Well, in general, I'm not going to get into specifics. The onus is on us last night.

Reporter: I know losing the game stinks ...

Torts: We've already met on it, we've moved by it, we're looking to Game 7.

Reporter: The question is, the fact that the onus is on you, does it give you more optimism for Game 7 knowing that it was correctable?

Torts: I have a ton of optimism about our club. Our club has gone through a lot of different things as far as momentum all through the year and all through the playoffs. I have nothing but confidence as far as what's going to happen Saturday.

Reporter: Where is Chris Kreider defensively right now?

Torts: Again, this time of year, I'm not going to talk about a lot of different stuff with players. He's a young man trying to learn the game. I'll give you that. I think he's improving and we'll see where it goes.

Reporter: This late into the playoffs and the series in general, what are some of the different things you guys can do to try and spark the offense going forward?

Torts: We've discussed that as a team, we'll keep it in the locker room.

Reporter: You said the onus is on you, is it simple stuff, is it more complicated?

Torts: We discussed that in the locker room, we'll keep that in the locker room.

Reporter: I know injuries are part of the game, but specifically with the power kill, it's been good some games and the Capitals have had some space in other games, not having Brandon Dubinsky out there, has that affected the penalty kill a little bit.

Torts: No, it hasn't. I wasn't going to give you much on the penalty kill. That hasn't affected it.