Ottawa's Alfredsson has outburst in loss

Hide the water bottles and hockey sticks.

In the third period of the Rangers' 3-2 win over the Senators on Monday night, Ottawa's Daniel Alfredsson had an outburst as he returned to the bench.

After being hit into the boards by John Mitchell, Alfreddson retreated to his bench and slammed his stick on the board. When he hopped into the bench area, he slammed his stick once again before throwing it on the ground. Later, he could be seen stomping a water bottle.

"I had pretty good control of everything until I got hit and then I just lost it," Alfredsson said, according to The Globe and Mail. "I can't explain it any other way."

He added: "It was bad. I'm definitely not proud of it and I think it's detrimental to the whole team."

Alfredsson missed the previous three games with a concussion that he sustained in Game 2. The paper reported that Alfredsson also exchanged words with his coach, Paul MacLean, and the two talked it out on Tuesday, two days before Game 7 at Madison Square Garden.

"He's just coming back from an injury he had and I think that was part of the frustration--that he got hit in that vulnerable position again," MacLean said, according to the paper. "I think that kind of led to it."

You can watch video of Alfreddson's outburst here.