Rangers ready to gain ground

After falling 4-1 to the Flyers Saturday, the Rangers may have missed their chance to sweep the Eastern Conference's three elite teams. But given the Blueshirts' upcoming slate of games they could certainly soon join, or even pass them at the top of the standings.

Over their next six games, the Rangers only face one team currently in the Eastern Conference playoff picture (meeting the Tampa Bay Lightning twice, the first coming Thursday). This is one of those prime opportunities that good teams use to fuel their playoff push. If the Rangers can get on a six-game run, they'd have 53 points with exactly have their schedule (41 games) remaining. That would put them on pace for 106 points, which would have placed them second in the East last season. Heck, tack on 12 more points in the next six and the Rangers could pretty much play .500 hockey with a few one-point losses mixed in and probably cruise into the playoffs.

Is it likely? Maybe not. But with the way the Rangers have been playing, it's certainly possible.

Here are some other notes from around the Rangers' media.

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