Additional quotes from Rangers 9/11 event

The Rangers toured around New York City and visited firehouses throughout the city Tuesday as part of a 9/11 remembrance event. You can read more about the event here. As always, there were plenty of quotes that couldn't make the final edition of the story. Here are some leftovers from the Rangers about the event:

Forward Brad Richards: "It's big for me because it's my first month in the city and it's the 10-year anniversary, so different looking from different cities and looking from afar when it all happened but now that I'm living here it's kind of a different feeling and a great way to introduce myself to New York is to meet some of these people and see how everybody got affected on that day."

Forward Brandon Dubinsky: "It's an incredible experience just being here with some of the families that have been affected and hearing there stories and stuff like that. It's truly special to be a part of this whole thing and hopefully show our support for the guys that do so much for us on a regular basis and we can just enjoy playing hockey, and they're out and doing real life and putting their lives on the line and stuff like that. It's just incredible and humbling."

Forward Brandon Prust: "It's definitely a sad day but it's good to get out and good to see everybody and I can't imagine what these people went through about 10 years ago and it's good to shake some of their hands and just thank these guys for what they do and it makes our jobs look easy, that's for sure."

Forward Sean Avery: "I just think, first and foremost, it's our duty as the New York Rangers to be here and then secondly it's an opportunity to come meet these guys and guys that maybe haven't been in New York as long, making a connection and it helps the players get that identity of what New York is like. I think it's important to do that for sure."