Jets' Brian Winters trains for camp by pulling 3,800-pound truck

Brian Winters has added new meaning to the phrase "pulling guard."

As part of his pre-training camp workout regimen, the New York Jets' right guard made like a tow truck and, well, pulled his 3,800-pound Ford pick-up truck around a parking lot at his alma mater, Kent State.

The school's web site recently posted a workout video of Winters. At the 15-second mark, you'll see him, with a shoulder harness attached to the front bumper, towing his truck -- and a person at the steering wheel.

You might say he's an excellent drive blocker. (Rim shot.)

Later in the video, you see him behind the pick-up, pushing.

"Works every muscle," the 6-foot-4, 320-pound Winters told his hometown newspaper, the Record-Courier of Hudson, Ohio. "I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow."

Winters, who underwent rotator-cuff surgery in January, didn't participate in team drills during the off-season program. Judging from his feats of strength on tape, he should be ready for training camp. Players report Friday.