Holmes shows no love for Schotty

MIAMI GARDENS -- Santonio Holmes was given a chance to defend embattled offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, and he responded by doing what he did in the game -- nothing.

Asked if he wants Schottenheimer to return, Holmes said, "Let's hope for the best." Asked what he meant by that, Holmes replied, "It wouldn't be my decision to make that choice."

Holmes isn't a Schottenheimer fan. He has criticized him on at least two other occasions -- after last year's AFC Championship Game and again this season after an early loss to the Raiders. Holmes was fuming Sunday because he didn't catch a pass for the first time in his career, and was targeted only once.

"We had an opportunity to make the playoffs and Santonio Holmes didn't make any plays for his team," said Holmes, who was benched late in the game after arguing with teammates in the huddle.

Asked if he wants to be back with the Jets next season, Holmes ended the interview and walked out of the interview room.

QB Mark Sanchez didn't want to discuss Holmes' benching or the blowup.

"I'm just going to try to stay positive here and talk about the good thing from the game and how well we played in spurts," he said. "We just weren't consistent enough."

Rex Ryan refused to comment on an ESPN report saying that Schottenheimer will be replaced and that the offensive coaching staff will be revamped. Ryan said the report was a case of "throwing darts," but he didn't exactly deny it.