O-line supports Callahan

One of the Jets' key free agents is a coach -- OL coach Bill Callahan, whose contract is expiring. He could be a candidate for the offensive-coordinator position if, as expected, Brian Schottenheimer is replaced.

RG Brandon Moore and LG Matt Slauson spoke highly of Callahan, hoping he stays, but there were traces of resignation in their voices.

"In our room, Callahan means everything," said Slauson, who also played for him at Nebraska. "The guy is an incredible coach. He's the best coach I've ever had in my life, and I know all the other guys say the exact same thing. The guy has saved my career twice. If he's not here, I'll be really bummed. He's a huge part of our success. If he's gone, he'll be really missed."

The offensive line slipped this season in run blocking and pass protection, but the inconsistency was a reflection of the entire offense, according to Moore. He called Callahan "one of the best coaches in the league."

"He holds us accountable in that room," Moore said. "I know things didn't always work out like we wanted them to, but I can feel proud that room was together and working hard and fighting for each other."

Callahan has been the line coach since 2008.