Morning report: "Best" practice of camp

Rex Ryan called it the "best practice" of the summer. What made it so good? Ryan liked the tempo Monday morning. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights:

1. Mark Sanchez-to-Dustin Keller was clicking. During the two-minute drill at the end of practice, Sanchez and his tight end connected three times in a four-play span. One completion came on an intermediate seam, another on a thread-the-needle-pass in which Keller was well-covered.

2. It was an outstanding practice for Keller. In a seven-on-seven drill, he caught a pass, ripping it away from LB Bart Scott. Players and fans immediately started to tease Scott. Sanchez got into the act, running over to Scott to dish out some good-natured razzing.

3. WR Santonio Holmes made a diving sideline catch on a rollout by Sanchez, who delivered perhaps his best ball of the day. Later, Holmes beat CB Drew Coleman for a 50-yard TD. Holmes is having a terrific camp. So far, he looks like the best receiver on the team -- and that's saying something. Late in practice, Holmes limped off, but he returned at the end of the session.

4. Rookie RB Joe McKnight dropped a pass. So what else is new?

5. Capitalizing on a busted coverage in the secondary, WR Jerricho Cotchery caught a long ball from Sanchez, but it wasn't a pretty throw. It was late and it hung up like a punt.

6. There was a brief skirmish and it involved -- who else? -- backup C Rob Turner. He got into a fight with DT Matt Kroul, with OLB Jamaal Westerman arriving late and delivering a roundhouse. Interesting take on Turner from DT Kris Jenkins: "I think Rob is frustrated ... He probably feels he should've been involved in that left-guard competition." He was referring to the Matt Slauson-Vlad Ducasse battle.

7. WR David Clowney returned to practice after being excused over the weekend for personal reasons. He made a nice play, hauling in a 20-yard pass from Sanchez -- a jump-ball situation in the end zone. The Clown is back.

8. RB LaDainian Tomlinson, one of the stars of the intrasquad scrimmage, busted a long TD run. Tomlinson is creating a buzz in camp, but as Bill Parcells used to say, "Let's not put him in Canton just yet." Oh, wait a minute, Tomlinson is going to Canton.

9. Jenkins had a "sack" on Sanchez. Jenkins had a close call early in practice, when rookie S Donovan Warren fell on the back of his leg. Jenkins, coming off major knee surgery, said moments like that are "confidence boosters. You need to have those fall-downs and get-back-ups."