Archie dodges Peyton-Jets talk

Archie Manning already has one son playing at MetLife Stadium. If Peyton ends up with the Jets, Archie could call it The Son Bowl. Get it?

Okay, bad joke. Archie, hanging out near the Giants' locker room after Eli beat the Packers Sunday night in Lambeau Field, was asked about the Peyton-to-the-Jets speculation.

"Oh, I'm not going to get into that,'' Papa Manning told a handful of writers. "Peyton's kind of like, his roots are in Indy, so we'll see what happens there, and if that doesn't work, maybe he can get healthy, we'll see. But that'll all work out. It'll all work out. He's just trying to get healthy.''

As everybody knows, Peyton missed the season due to neck surgery and he's due a $28 million roster bonus in early March, which the Colts aren't going to pay because they probably will use the No. 1 overall pick on QB Andrew Luck. The question is, will the Colts keep Manning, cut him or trade him? Or might he retire?

"He's got a great attitude," Archie said of Peyton and his rehab. "He's just biting and scratching and trying to get healthy.''