Rex displays old bravado; backs Sanchez

Rex Ryan sure gets around. He went from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. (Much to his chagrin, there's only one Bowl not on his travel itinerary.)

In Hawaii, he talked to ESPN's Bob Holtzman, expressing confidence that the Jets' locker-room problems will be cleaned up and issuing another vote of confidence for QB Mark Sanchez.

"We're facing the fact that our locker room wasn't as close as it has been in the past and, obviously, one thing we know is we're going to fix it," said Ryan, wearing a Mardi Gras-like necklace with beaded Jets logos. "We might have been knocked down this year, but we're not knocked out. We're going to be swinging again, there's no doubt about it."

Asked how much of it is fixable, Ryan replied, "One hundred percent, that's all."

So much for the toned-down Rex.

He also was asked the obligatory Peyton Manning question, but he declined to answer, citing tampering rules.

"Mark Sanchez is the future of the Jets," Ryan said. "He's a great quarterback ... We're going to be together a long time."

Didn't he say something similar about Brian Schottenheimer?