Woody Johnson congratulates Giants

INDIANAPOLIS -- Shortly after the Giants' 21-17 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, Jets owner Woody Johnson released a statement, congratulating the Giants on their fourth championship.

"On behalf of the New York Jets, I would like to congratulate the Mara and Tisch families, Coach Coughlin and the entire New York Giants organization," Johnson said. "It was a closely contested game that showcased all of the best elements that our sport has to offer. The Giants demonstrated poise and resolve in earning a hard-fought victory in Super Bowl XLVI. Also, I want to congratulate the Kraft family, Coach Belichick and the New England Patriots on a tremendous effort and an excellent season."

UPDATE: On Monday, Giants RB Brandon Jacobs responded to Johnson's congratulatory statement. "That's big of them, no question about it," he said in the lobby of the team hotel. "When the Jets went to the AFC Championship Game the last two years, I was rooting for the Jets to win. They're a good football team. I'd like to thank them for their congratulations. Better luck to that football team and organization next year."

The complimentary words were a bit surprising from Jacobs, who, as you may recall, had a heated exchange with Rex Ryan on the field after the Giants beat the Jets on Christmas Eve.