Plax: "Door open" for return to Jets

Plaxico Burress appeared on a Philadelphia radio station Tuesday, unabashedly campaigning for a contract with the Eagles. (No surprise.) During the interview, the free-agent wide receiver suggested there could be an opportunity to return to the Jets.

"As far as I understand, they pretty much left the door open for me to make a decision to come back," Burress told Brian Baldinger and Harry Mayes on 97.5 The Fanatic ESPN Radio.

We all know that's not happening; Burress isn't coming back. The Jets don't want him, and he apparently doesn't want them, as his friend Brandon Jacobs said at Giants media day at the Super Bowl. Privately, Burress has told friends that he's no fan of Mark Sanchez.

Burress had some nice moments last season (remember the acrobatic catch against the Bills?), but he'll be 35 in August and he can't separate from defenders anymore. Sure, he's a weapon in the red zone, and there's no doubt he'll help a team in that area, but he's not a full-time receiver at this stage of his career.

Burress was thrown into a tough situation last season, and the cynics (myself included) questioned his ability to be The Old Plax after two years in jail. Burress scoffed, telling everyone he'd make a seamless transition, that he'd surprise everybody.

Now we get the revisionist history, Burress claiming the odds were stacked against him.

"Coming into the season, a lot of people didn't understand," he told the radio station. "I was out for two years. Nobody had any minicamps. I didn't have training camp because I twisted my ankle. I played a quarter against Cincinnati, two quarters against the Giants and I didn't play in the fourth pre-season game. You're talking about three quarters of football after being out two years, and here I am, starting on Sunday night football against the Dallas Cowboys -- four months from being incarcerated."

Burress said it took him six games before he felt comfortable. In the seventh game, he scored three touchdowns against the Chargers. Like I said, he had some moments, just not enough of them.