In case it crossed your mind ... no Moss

Let's take a break from Manning mania to address this totally random item:

The Jets are looking for a big, fast target to play opposite WR Santonio Holmes, and there's a big, fast target named Randy Moss looking for a new team. Might the Jets reach into the recycle bin once again? No, this is a marriage that won't happen. The Jets have zero interest in Moss, according to sources. The last thing they want to do is add a high-maintenance player like Moss to a locker room trying to heal after last season's mess.

Moss, out of football last season, is attempting a comeback at the age of 35. He worked out the other day for the Saints and reportedly performed well. Hey, no one ever questioned his physical ability, it's the other stuff that drives teams and coaches crazy. Rex Ryan always has had an affinity for Moss's ability to blow the top off a defense, but he's going to sit this one out.

Former Jets and Dolphins QB Chad Pennington, now an analyst for FOXSports, believes Moss still can be an impact receiver. Pennington has always liked Moss, dating to their record-breaking days together at Marshall.

"He's a phenomenal athlete," Pennington told me. "Randy Moss at 35 is better than most at 25 to 28 years of age. In addition, on top of that, he wants to prove people wrong and prove he can be special again." Asked about Moss' questionable attitude, Pennington said it's no different than that of receivers such as Holmes and Brandon Marshall. They're so competitive, Pennington said, that "sometimes they forget about the team."

In this case, the only thing to forget is Moss to the Jets.