Safety comparison: Landry vs. Nelson

The Jets are targeting two safeties in free agency -- LaRon Landry and Reggie Nelson, both of whom were first-round picks in 2007. Ideally, you'd like to have both because their skill sets are complementary, but it's unclear if they have enough salary-cap room to make that happen.

One thing to remember: Landry, plagued by Achilles-tendon issues, is said to be willing to take a one-year deal to prove himself healthy, hoping for a big free-agent score next year. Something to ponder.

Anyway, here's a statistical look at the two safeties, courtesy of the web site Pro Football Focus. Judging from the numbers, it's pretty clear that Nelson is better in coverage and Landry is a better run enforcer around the line of scrimmage. The Jets use a lot of single-high safety looks, which might not be a good thing for Landry. But if you want a "box" safety, Landry gets the edge.

LANDRY (513 total snaps):

Pass coverage

Time targeted/Completions -- 22/15

Completion pct. -- 71.4

Yards -- 159 yards

Yards after catch -- 99

TDs allowed -- 1

Interceptions -- 0

Passes defensed --0

Passer rating -- 109.0

Run defense

Tackles -- 43

Stops* -- 22

Missed tackles -- 5


QB sacks --2

QB hits/pressures -- 8

NELSON (1,049 snaps):

Pass coverage

Times targeted/completions -- 33/21

Completion pct. -- 63.6

Yards -- 275

Yards after catch -- 74

Interceptions -- 4

Passes defensed -- 4

Touchdowns -- 2

Passer rating -- 70.5

Run defense

Tackles -- 64

Stops* -- 24

Missed tackles -- 8


QB sacks -- 2

QB hits/pressures -- 7

* Defined as the number of solo tackles that constitute an offensive failure, including sacks.