Tim and Tony, reunited

Tim Tebow and Tony Sparano go way back -- sort of.

Sparano and the Dolphins' staff coached the 2010 Senior Bowl, and one of the players on their roster was Tebow. Sparano gushed about Tebow's intangibles, according to the Palm Beact Post, but a source told me Wednesday that Sparano "didn't think much of him as a quarterback."

Tebow got off to a rough start that week, fumbling snaps and throwing wildly, but he settled down.

"I thought (his work ethic) was outstanding," Sparano told the Palm Beach Post. "In the meeting room he's been super, spending extra time. He's been great to coach."

Sparano also said he was impressed with Tebow's ability to learn the Dolphins' scaled-down offense.

"One of the nice things with him is, you've got somebody lining up in the wrong spot, he's got it, he can get them lined up right," Sparano said. "He sees somebody maybe not run the right route or in the wrong place, he's got it ... This whole thing has really slowed down for him. He has great command for what we're trying to do."