It's Tebow's choice: Jets or Jax?

The bizzaro Tim Tebow sweepstakes took another turn Wednesday night, when ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Tebow has the power to pick his next team:

Jets or Jaguars. It's all up to him.

This is unusual in a trade scenario, especially for the player with three years remaining on his contract. Evidently, the Jaguars' offer to the Broncos is similar to that of the Jets. Also, we can presume that the contract snafu, which killed the Jets' original trade at mid-afternoon, has been ironed out.

So now we wait. New York or Jacksonville?

You'd think Jacksonville has the edge because Tebow grew up in the area and became an icon at Florida. He might be the most popular person in the state. There is tremendous pressure on Tebow. What if he spurns his hometown team? Can they forgive him?

Then again, the Jaguars stink. The Jets have a better chance to reach the Super Bowl, but does Tebow want to deal with the big city and the media?

Don't under-estimate the agent factor in this. Tebow's agent is Jimmy Sexton, who also reps Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano. He's also chummy with Mike Tannenbaum.

What's unclear is if each team is getting a chance to deliver a sales pitch. Knowing the Jets, they'll give him a contract extension.

Stay tuned, this story is far from over.