From Jamieson (who?) to Tebow ... No. 15

Tim Tebow loves his number -- 15. He arrived Thursday at Morristown, N.J., airport in a private jet, and the tail number on the jet was N15QB.

For trivia buffs out there, Tebow will become the ninth player in Jets history to wear No. 15. For their sake, they'd better hope he fares better than the first eight, a list of backups and journeymen. Be honest, how many of these names are you familiar with?

Get used to 15, because it's going to be famous in these parts, a guaranteed hot item in jersey sales.

The old 15s:

Dick Jamieson, QB, 1960-61

Don Flynn, DB, 1961

Babe Parilli, QB, 1968-69

Bob Davis, QB, 1970-72

Chuck Ramsey, P, 1977-84

Kyle Mackey, QB, 1989

Phillip Riley, WR, 1996

Wallace Wright, WR, 2006-09