So long, Drew, we hardly knew ye

Wow, that was quick.

Seven days after signing Drew Stanton, handing him a $500,000 signing bonus and proclaiming him their No. 2 quarterback, the Jets shipped him out Friday in a trade with the Colts.

He got "Tebowed."

This was a Kardashian-like marriage:

I do.


Stanton wanted out as soon as the Jets traded for Tim Tebow. Understandably, Stanton felt betrayed because the Jets had promised him the No. 2 job; that's the main reason he signed with them. The Jets agreed to find him a new home, and they received a list of five preferred destinations from Stanton, according to a source -- the Colts, Rams, Broncos, Steelers and Packers.

The Jets did the right thing and cut bait.

Actually, it wasn't a bad trade, all things considered. They managed to get something back instead of having to cut him outright. The Jets received a sixth-round pick from the Colts, sending a seventh-rounder (acquired in the Tebow trade) to the Colts, according to a league source.

So everybody's happy, right? Stanton gets $500,000 for doing nothing (didn't even get a chance to throw an interception) and he goes to a team undergoing a quarterback transition. Chances are, he'll back up Andrew Luck, the presumptive No. 1 pick.

The Jets erase a potential public-relations nightmare and solidify their QB depth chart, with Mark Sanchez, Tebow and Greg McElroy, who probably breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Stanton was the odd-man out.

It completed a QB circle: Peyton Manning goes from Colts to Broncos, Tebow goes from Broncos to Jets, Stanton goes from Jets to Colts.

Stanton's agent, Deryk Gilmore, couldn't resist the chance to tweak the Jets. After the trade, he tweeted, "Excited for the #Colts to get @drewstanton a leader, winner, and QB not a gimmick to sell tickets."

A few minutes later, he deleted the tweet. His new tweet said, "#Jets are a class organization for doing the right thing. I believe in my players and know what they can do."