Tebow talk: Mara tries to make a funny

Hot topic Sunday at the NFL meetings in Palm Beach, Fla.: Tim Tebow.

What, you expected something different?

Giants owner John Mara was asked by reporters if New York is big enough for the Super Bowl champions and Tebow.

"I don't know, but the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow, too," he cracked, according to reports.

Later, ESPN's Rachel Nichols caught up with Jets owner Woody Johnson, and she repeated Mara's remark.

"Well, that's pretty interesting," Johnson told her.

Nichols also tweeted, "(He) did not look pleased."

Johnson discussed the Tebow trade with a group of reporters, insisting it was all about football, not marketing. He also said the team will try "some different things" to help Tebow with his famously flawed passing mechanics, adding they wouldn't be opposed to bringing in outside experts to supplement their own coaches."